SORTING MACHINES for beans, greenbeans, peas and chopped wood

SORTING MACHINES for beans, greenbeans, peas and chopped wood


Vibrating table:
It carries out a division in length and rejects earth, stones, small pieces ecc.

  • N° 3 layers made of INOX corrugated sheets with width mm 500/1000/1700.
  • Long life vibrating suspensions.
  • Greatest stability and stillness.
  • Concentrated rejects collector.
  • Proportioner floodway with cylindrical brush or with rubber elements
  • Supply: monophasic 220V – three-phasic 380V

Sorting machine setting

  • Elevator belt with hopper.
  • Sorting conveyor belt.
  • Small belt for rejects unloading.
  • Rapid pack (composed by 2 conveyor belts together).
  • Box storage roller.
  • Revolving table.


Width for lenghtcm100 x 230170 x 250
Hour outputt0‚87 ~
chopped wood 4.37
1.62 ~
chopped wood 7.47
Belt elevator with hopper "EL" to load the vibrating tableoptionaloptional
"NS" belt for rejects unloadingoptionaloptional
"TR" revolving tableoptionaloptional
Sorting conveyor belt "NT"optionaloptional
Rapid pack "RP" (combination of 2 conveyor belts)optionaloptional
"LL" box storage rolleroptionaloptional
Belt elevator on trolley m 5optionaloptional
Belt elevator on trolley m 6optionaloptional
Belt elevator on trolley m 7optionaloptional


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