MODULAR LEVELLERS SERIES LSB-PRO preset for laser and gps control patented and homologated

MODULAR LEVELLERS SERIES LSB-PRO preset for laser and gps control patented and homologated

Machine suitable also for levellng works in the industrial sector, such as levelling of squaresshedsroadssport groundsairports.

General features

  • Blade curvature for lower power absorption due to rolling of any type of land, therefore improved release also under difficult conditions.
  • Frame designed and made with innovative systems and top qualtiy material, in order to warrant sturdiness and stability, avoiding torsion that would offset the level and damage the machine.
  • Excellent stability also at high speed.
  • Precision fluid power system with independent tank. Possibility of exploiting the tractor circuit.
  • Trolleys on equalizers.
  • Tow hook with 3 articulated joints.
  • Possibility of adding extension modules on the sides of the blade on models LSB-PRO 236 and 286.


Modular widthcm/ft236/8 /286/9336/11
Blade heightcm/ft70/2.370/2.370/2.3
Blade closing-mechanicalmechanical
Chassis widthcm808080
Power ratingHP min/max
KW min/max
Trolley on equalizers with 4 wheelsstandardstandardstandard
Blade and truck closing at mt. 2.50 for road circulation standardstandardstandard
Hydraulic receiver holder mast standardstandardstandard
Hydraulic calibrator (tilter) + trolley with central fulcrumstandardstandardstandard
Supplementary graduated hydraulic receiver holder mast + electric valve (series BI-LSB): system suitable for levelling works with transversal slopes optionaloptionaloptional
Regulation lighting system optionaloptionaloptional
Proportional electric valve optionaloptionaloptional
Hydraulic adjustment of the working angle of the blade into the ground (30 kg) optionaloptionaloptional
Towed machine certification: wedges – signalling and security devices – type-testing certificates optionaloptionaloptional
Hydraulic side offset (grader) optionaloptionaloptional
Earthbuffers with hydraulic adjustment (kgs. 900 for each couple) optionaloptionaloptional
Lateral extension modules with hydraulic folding optionaloptionaloptional
Auxiliary electrical controls optionaloptionaloptional



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